Witold Banka: “I am sure that the US will not refuse to Finance WADA. In the fight for a clean sport and we need them, and they are in us»

Witold Banka, head of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), commented on the criticism of WADA by the us Office of national drug control policy (ONDCP).

ONDCP called on the us Congress to consider withdrawing funding from WADA if the organization does not take serious measures to reform itself.

– I believe that the US will not refuse to Finance WADA. I am open to dialogue. We have common goals, and the enemy must be found elsewhere. In the fight for clean sport, WADA needs the US, and the US needs us. I am sure that sooner or later we will be able to come to an agreement and cooperate.

In our extensive response, we have shown that the ONDCP report is full of misrepresentations and errors. This completely undermines its authority. The report of the Americans met with a negative response in the world. WADA was supported by Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

It’s hard to shake the feeling that USADA (the Us anti-doping Agency) is actually behind the ONDCP report. To understand the whole situation, it is worth Recalling some facts. Some time ago, the us Congress decided that the USADA budget and the US financial contribution to WADA would be “in the same envelope”.

Hence my and not only my belief that this report is, in fact, an attempt to raise more funds at the expense of WADA and discredit the Agency. They want to dismantle the entire system and take control. We know that the authors of the report actively consulted with USADA.

– So, it looks like WADA has become part of the political game?

– I have repeatedly said that I will not allow this to happen, and I stand by my opinion. In the report, Americans demand, among other things, more influence over the organization. Meanwhile, it must be clearly stated that control over WADA is not for sale.

No international organization should make decisions based on who finances it. By agreeing to this, we would deprive some States of the ability to determine what the world anti-doping system should be. This is undemocratic – – said Banka.

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