Off-road biking is one of the new and increasingly popular sport because it not only improve your health but also a way to show an adventurous lifestyle.Unlike road bikes, terrain bikes are designed to fit and adapt to rough and rugged terrain surface conditions. To choose a suitable terrain bike is not only the exterior texture, color but also a feature designed to suit each type of terrain.
Mountain Bike Trail:

If you are a lover of running on moderately undulating terrain, the trail bike will be the right choice for you, specialized in areas with gentle sloped terrain surfaces, the slope level is medium as those of trail along hillsides, dirt roads through forest.
Typically, trail bikes are designed with full-suspension (2 forks) to ensure the bike can withstand gravity and reaction, absorb vibration and shock effectively during the run. In addition, trail bike has bigger fork travel than the other models, fork motion is the amount of movement provided by the front and rear forks of the bike.

Cross-Country Terrain Bicycle

Typically, the Cross-Country mountain bike specializes in low-slope terrain and large obstacles, divided into two types: Hard-Tail and Full-Suspension. Hard-Tail line with only 1 fork, used to run on the terrain without big obstacles such as gravel road, dirt road. In addition, the Full Suspension series is a 2-fork fork, specializing in the surface of the terrain with small pits, larger rocks and rough terrain … the second fork helps stabilize the steering as well as absorb the vibrations throughout the forest
All-Mountain Terrain Bikes:
This is the vehicle line is said to be “Heavy” among all models. The frame is quite bunker, somewhat heavier than other mountain bikes, helping to bring the feeling of extremely strong and firm. In addition, like the Trail, the All-Mountain terrain bike has 2 forks (Full Suspension), but it is designed with a larger fork transfer cycle, helping to resist the impact of the hill environment. big mountains, steep rocks, big rocks, and big niches …

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