Mayor of Paris: “Preparations for the 2024 Olympics are proceeding without delay»

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said the coronavirus pandemic will not affect the city’s preparations for the 2024 summer Olympics.

“Initially, our goal was to hold Games that would not be too expensive. Yes, because of the upcoming economic crisis, we will face additional challenges. But the preparation for the Games is on schedule, without delay.

Training costs are under control. I am sure that if there are problems, we will be able to deal with them.

At the moment, the infrastructure, the Olympic village and the water sports center are ready, ” Hidalgo said.

The international Cycling Union initiated a re-check of doping samples taken at the 2017 Tour de France»

The international Cycling Union (UCI) has initiated a re-examination of doping samples taken from riders in 2016 and 2017.

The reason for rechecking the old samples was the data of the investigation during operation Aderlass and the activities of the German doctor Mark Schmidt. It became known that in 2016 and 2017, riders (not only Schmidt’s clients) used doping, which at that time could not be detected in the laboratory.

“During this period, there were several prohibited substances that were not available on the regular pharmaceutical market and for which laboratories did not yet have optimal detection methods. Now these methods have been improved, ” said Peter van Enoo, an employee of the Ghent anti-doping laboratory.

The name of the banned drug is unknown, but it is reported that it is American-made.

After the UCI application, the anti-Doping Foundation of Cycling (CADF) began rechecking samples, under special control are samples taken at the “Tour de France-2017”.

According to Nieuwsblad, the re-checking is being carried out in laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria, and Cologne, Germany.

Alexander Zhukov: “Pozdnyakov perfectly copes with the duties of the President of the ROC, despite all the difficulties»

Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov shared his opinion about the activities of the current head of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

Pozdnyakov replaced Zhukov as President of the ROC exactly two years ago.

“I want to congratulate Stanislav Alekseevich and wish him success in this difficult post at such a difficult time.

He does his job well, copes with his responsibilities perfectly, despite all the difficulties, ” Pozdnyakov said.

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