The most popular reason for taking up Velo sport cycling is to get involved in races. The excitement of going up against other cyclists and the prospect of scooping the prize is thrilling.

That said, there is a lot more to cycling than a competition. It is a superb activity which improves the rider’s health in numerous ways.

Muscle Building

Riding involves a lot of physical engagement. From pedalling to maneuvering and occasionally hauling the bike, different muscle groups are often called to work. The result of this is a stronger body and a healthier feeling.

Prevent Joint Stiffness

The joints of the knee constantly move when a cyclist is pedalling. The neck has to keep turning as and when a change in direction is required. The wrists are actively involved in controlling the bike’s handlebars. These frequent movements of the joints count as exercise and prevent stiffness.

Improves Co-ordination

Riding is a great way to sharpen motor skills, especially in young people. The need to maintain balance by constant pedalling, accelerating and braking accordingly, and taking the right turns require perfect timing and conditioning. It is also a great way to improve concentration and alertness.

Relieves Stress

When cycling, the hormones released by the body trigger a good feeling which can alleviate tension and nervousness. The body calms down after the exercise, and the mind feels at peace.

A Need for a Good Rest

Cycling, especially over long distances, can be quite draining. It is like a full-body session at the gym if not more. At the end of it all, the body demands rest. This can be an excellent way to overcome sleep disorders and ensure you get enough quality sleep.

The great thing about these benefits of cycling is that they are achieved subconsciously; they are like secondary benefits. This means that riders don’t get discouraged by the feeling that they are taking too long to complete.