Bike racing is fun. However, when elite teams are participating, it could be a bit hard for beginners. If you are just starting, you don’t need to compete with those who have been racing for years. This could be suicidal. You need to train and exercise to reach their level. However, there are some things that you can do to make sure you don’t completely burn out during those long bike races. This article gives a few things you should do when preparing and during the bike race.

Preparing for the Bike Race

Choose the Right Race

You need to choose a relatively short race and a flat route. Since you are just beginning, you don’t need to go for a very long race. Also, you need to avoid mountain bike racing because you might not have the strength to ride in the mountains.

Have the Right Racing Gear

First, you need to choose a bike based on the type of route. Also, you need to get safety gear such as helmet, gloves, eye protection, hydration pack, among others. These are things that are essential during the bike race.

Build Your Skills

You need to perfect your biking skills. Practice how to cycle for a long distance at high speed as well as on different road surfaces.

During the Race

Pedal Smart

Since the race is long, you need to maintain a certain speed. Never pedal very fast or too slowly. Make sure you also keep the pace of other riders.

Plan Your Ride

You need to plan your ride well. The first phase of the ride is easy, and you should take advantage of that. The second phase is a bit hard, and you are starting to get tired. The last phase is the hardest, and you should use the energy left to make sure you complete the race.