Basic usage of sport bikes for beginners

Sport bikes have been a booming movement in recent years. Cycling sport now not only for young people and professional sports people but also for students, office workers, or retired doctors, … also buy yourself a sports bike. Despite its popularity, there are still many people who don’t know much about sports bikes and how to use them.

About the speed switch of sport bikes:

Sports bicycles usually have 2 speeding parts located on the handlebars. Controller has 2 forms: knob or lever. On the left hand side is the disc drive, the right hand is the speed converter (disc).

– The 3-speed disc converter plays a role in determining the speed when cycling:

+ Number 1 small disk for climbing terrain, pedaling slowly.

+ No 2 discs just moving car with moderate speed.

+ Number 3 large disks used in case you want to go fast or when practicing.

– Speed ​​converters usually have between 7 and 9 speeds for the purpose of dividing the bike speed decided on the disc.

+ Disc 1 corresponds to the number 1, number 2 and number 3. Advantages: Light pedal, slow moving vehicle over the high slope terrain> 15%.

+ Disc 2 corresponds to the number 3, 4 and 5. Use the road even when the user pedaled at a normal speed.

+ Disc 3 corresponds to the number 5, 6 and 7. Pros: Slow down to get the momentum for the car to accelerate, often used for distance withdrawal or during exercise for the purpose of fitness.

In the case of more than 7 speeds, we can expand the number frame accordingly, a disc may come with more numbers, namely 4 numbers with 8 speed threads and 5 numbers for 9 speed.

The principle of using bicycles is speed

While the vehicle is moving, the user is pedaling before he can change speed. When you move, please note that you do not step on the pedals (pedals), causing them to tangle, flatter and slip chains. If the vehicle is in a stopped or parked state without changing the direction or if there is a motion, start pedaling right away at the first turn. Once fixed, you can cycle back and forth as you like.

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