Alberto Contador breaks Lachlan Morton’s record in Everesting Challenge

Alberto Contador broke Lachlan Morton’s record in the Everesting Challenge — the Spaniard needed two and a half minutes less time to climb 8848 meters.

Contador chose to conquer the most difficult route with a 6.5-kilometer climb, a gradient of 12%, and a maximum of 20%. the 37-year-old Spaniard had to climb this climb at least 78 times. And he managed to do it: Contador’s time is 7 hours, 27 minutes and 20 seconds. In total, Contador drove 8928 vertical meters.

EF Pro Cycling rider Lachlan Morton set a record at the end of June, driving 8848 meters in 7 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds. Morton chose the route along Rist Canyon road for the Everesting Challenge, which he drove 42 times in order to gain the same 8848 vertical meters. In total, the Australian drove 8946 vertical meters, but then it turned out that due to the incorrectly specified height difference-200 instead of 213, the cyclist did not reach the desired number of vertical kilometers. The recalculated meters showed 8509, and therefore the attempt of the athlete was actually canceled.

“The best cyclist of his generation” found a job at Israel Start-Up Nation. This Is Chris Froome

Rumors about the imminent divorce of Chris froome and Team INEOS, wandering in the peloton in recent weeks, found their confirmation: the General Manager of the British Cycling team, Dave Brailsford, today, July 9, said that the contract with the cyclist that expires this year will not be extended. But froome has already found a job for several years ahead.

“We are announcing this earlier than usual. But we are doing this to put an end to speculation. We confirm that Chris froome’s contract will not be renewed. I think this is the right decision not only for us as a team, but also for Chris. Based on his merits, Chris wants to be the sole leader, but we can’t guarantee that for him. Leaving the team will allow Chris to fulfill his wishes, ” Brailsford said.

Froome joined Team Sky in 2010 and has since won numerous victories for the team, including four times winning the Tour de France and twice winning the Vuelta a Espana. On his account and once conquered the “Giro d’italia”.

However, as soon as the statement of the boss of Team Ineos took place, the team Israel Start-Up Nation made its statement, saying that Chris froome signed a multi-year contract with the team and will start performing in its colors from 2021. Team owner — canadian-Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams admitted earlier that he would like to see froome in his team, calling him “the best cyclist of his generation”, who should lead Israel Start-Up Nation in the Tour de France.

“Now we are creating a team for Chris. We want to make our own history. We want to achieve our main goal-to win the Tour de France, ” the businessman said.

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